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Recessed Lighting Co - How To Choose The Best Recessed Lights

For homeowners, recessed lighting is an elegant lighting solution for both interior and exterior applications. There are a dizzying array of choices on the market – a wide range of sizes, styles, and features. Selecting the right recessed lighting fixture for the home can be a daunting task. Paul Jessome, licensed electrician and founder of Orange County’s Recessed Lighting Co., can help. Over the past 15 years, Paul has helped thousands of homeowners in Orange County with the recessed lighting solutions that reflect their unique tastes and needs. He brings light and life to homes throughout our service region. In this guide, we will discuss some of the options for recessed lighting solutions in and around the home.

Recessed Lighting and Ceiling Insulation
Not all recessed lighting fixtures are created equally. Since lighting can produce heat as a byproduct of their illumination, recessed lighting fixtures must be rated for contact with ceiling insulation to protect against fire. In the world of recessed lighting, there are two major categories: IC (insulation contact) rated and non-IC rated fixtures.
IC-rated housings are affixed to the ceiling supports, and are designed to be placed in direct contact with ceiling insulation. These housings must be installed wherever contact with insulation is a possibility, according to most building codes.
Non-IC rated housings can be installed in ceilings where insulation contact is not a concern. Typically, there must be a minimum of 3’” of clearance between the housing and any ceiling insulation according to applicable national and state building codes.
Housings may also be found that are airtight, preventing the loss of heated or cooled interior air from escaping into the attic or ceiling spaces. Airtight housings can be IC-rated or non-IC rated; these sealed fixtures can reduce the costs associated with heating and cooling the home.

Sloped or Shallow Ceiling Lights
For homes that may have shallow ceilings, or that have sloped ceilings, recessed lighting manufacturers produce specialized housings for these applications. Paul Jessome is highly experienced when it comes to installing these unique lighting fixtures, approaching each project with the same attention to detail and quality as in all of his installations.
Spotlighting and Diffused Lighting Solutions
Among the many styles and types of recessed lighting fixtures on the market are those that provide specific lighting. Some fixtures may have diffusers or reflectors to create a warm glow in a room, while others focus the light into a narrow beam, making them perfect for illuminating task areas. Still others allow the light to be positioned according to the homeowner’s desires. These fixtures are often referred to as “eyeball” or “gimbal” trims. Both of these types position the light, serving to accent architectural features or to highlight specific areas. They are often found in kitchen prep spaces, flooding countertops with bright task lighting.
Another popular type is called “wall-wash” trim, which uses a shield to cover a portion of the light itself. This is used to dramatic effect, illuminating a wall or fireplace with warm ambient lighting. 

Recessed Lighting in Bathrooms
Moisture buildup is a concern in home bathrooms. Steam from showers and hot baths require that lighting fixtures be rated to handle excess moisture. Recessed Lighting Co. uses a type of recessed lighting housing called shower trim to handle this moisture. Typically, a shower trim fixture will have a tempered glass lens that seals the electrical components from the surrounding environment. These fixtures may also be installed in exterior locations or anywhere where they may be exposed to wetness.

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Recessed Lighting Co - How To Choose The Best Recessed Lights

For homeowners, recessed lighting is an elegant lighting solution for both interior and exterior applications. There are a dizzying ...